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Damat Tween, the pioneer of men’s ready-to-wear, stands out with its Tailor-Made service…

Nowadays men pay as much attention to their external appearance as women. Many details were added to their lives, from the fabrics they chose to the patterns and cuts suitable for their body types. In this respect, not only men whose body structures are not suitable for ready-to-wear clothing, but also gentlemen who want to feel their difference and gusto prefer Tailor-Made clothes.

We are proud to present style and difference to these gentlemen with the Tailor-Made service provided in Damat Tween İstinye Park, Damat Tween Nişantaşı, Damat Tween Suadiye and Damat Tween Alsancak stores. We offer our customers the best quality fabrics in the world such as Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Guabello, Solviati, Marlena and Canclini.

In line with this understanding, we recommend fabrics suitable for body structures and skin colors to our customers visiting our stores. We can change the appearance of our customers with small tricks in Tailor-Made.

The most important feature of Tailor Made is that every detail, from collar lapels to buttonholes, is made by hand and requires great workmanship…

This is how our system works; Our customers can make appointments from our stores as well as from our website. We welcome our customers with our tailors in our store. After the fabric selections are made according to their demands, the measurements are taken by our tailor. The process takes place in 2 rehearsals. Our first rehearsal is interlining. In this rehearsal, the fabric cut according to the customer’s mold is almost shaped according to the body details. Our second rehearsal is arm rehearsal. In this rehearsal, the product is inspected by our customer in a semi-finished state (arms with tack, trousers finished). Since this rehearsal is close to the finish, fine details are being reviewed. When the product is completed, it is delivered to our customer after being tested again. By taking the net measurements of the finished garment, the molds of our customers are removed. In their next order, if their body size has not changed, they only need to choose the fabric.

We should also point out that, in addition to the fabrics we use, the materials used in sewing are also very special. The hand-processed bristle interlining used on the chest allows the body to breathe comfortably. When our customer gains some weight, it stretches and adapts to his body shape. The buttons we use are from the tip of the buffalo horn. It never breaks. The inner linings used are silk, preventing perspiration.

Tailor Made is like an addiction, because it is very difficult for a customer who is accustomed to custom sewing to return to normal clothing.