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Under this heading, we would like to point out that our in-house training activities have been carried out since our establishment, enabling the new members of the Orka Holding family and the existing employees to increase their competencies and fulfill their duties with high performance. Orka Academy was established in 2009 with the inclusion of these training and development efforts among career management parameters. Our aim here is to create professional teams that believe in continuous development with Management Trainer trainings, produce on-site and fast solutions with an analytical point of view, and have strong communication. Orka Academy has an important mission that transforms potential within the company into performance and combines company goals with personal goals.

As an important point, all departments of the company, especially retail merchandising, are supported with training. In this context, our training programs are designed with a combination of training needs, sectoral developments and company goals, which we analyze through performance evaluation results, and are shaped in line with competencies on a position basis. Internally sourced trainings are provided by our consultants and departmental directors who are well-versed in their subject, while outsourced trainings are provided through our collaborations with specialist training companies and well-established universities. Istanbul University, Sabancı University and Kültür University are among the universities where we conduct education programs. We have personal development and vocational training programs under one hundred and seventy-nine (179) main titles developed together with different institutions such as Analytical Management, Data Based Decision Making Techniques, Retail Management, Store Mathematics, Consumer Behavior Sales Techniques.

In our e-learning portal, besides vocational trainings such as Collection, Pattern and Fabric Trainings, Orientation, On-the-Job Training, Occupational Health and Safety modules are successfully provided to the entire retail team. Current announcements and survey applications are made.

In addition, competency inventory and tests in our training programs, assessment center applications, and foreign language exam results are used as evaluation parameters in the continuation of the process. All indicators in the career plan, where performance, competence, technical skill, verbal and numerical perception are measured, are numerical, and every employee who has succeeded in these criteria is prepared for a higher position.

Since 2009, we are proud to support 3720 young talents, including current employees and new recruits, with such trainings, and to change the career map of 1103 people.